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Monday, June 26, 2017


I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. We live together, work full time jobs and are both in our twenties.  We used to have sex/foreplay every day but now it’s once a week – sometimes less.  He will masturbate and therefore doesn’t have an urge for intercourse with me, where as I would rather have it with him.

I have a high sex drive and really want it – if I masturbate he will get upset at me and he then holds sex off to punish me.  I’ve tried to address the issue and he claims the reason is because I don’t make him work for it.  In his opinion I am too eager – he would rather I let him make the move and made him chase me before he got his prize if you like. He would like me to tease him and get him desperate.  I don’t know what to do… is this a sign he would rather be single where he can get the chase?  What can I do to make him work for it?  I’m worried if I play hard to get he might just not try since he is already satisfied from masturbating and I will be left unsatisfied and worked up!

Have you ever been in this situation? 

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?

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