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Sunday, June 4, 2017


As we expand beyond the boundaries of our individualistic pursuit of happiness gay pride celebrations can be a welcome reality shift. We often find that it is much easier to be happy when we are motivated in an effort to make the world better in tangible ways, by coming together as a group.

Considering the many benefits of pride celebration, it is surprising that more of us don't devote our lives, or at least some portion of our time, to this community centric need. We don't have to wait for a tragedy to come together, as a community to be a participant within our communities.

The more we promote, applaud, and actively inspire this community minded sentiment in the world, the more others will be drawn to this way of being each other’s keepers. Who knows, we might find ourselves paying less attention to sports and celebrity gossip and a little more attention to those everyday heroes who devote their lives to alleviating suffering. The more attention we pay, the more we will inspire others and ourselves to be of service in a community that greatly needs our attention.

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  1. Well spoken!...unity is paramount to our survival!



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