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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I  don’t like to make broad, sweeping generalizations, and I especially hate it when people say things like, “There are two kinds of people in this world…” Because, obviously, there aren’t two kinds of people in this world. There are lots of kinds of people in this world. But one thing I think I can confidently say after more than a decade of being gay, I can say that there are two kinds of gay guys in this world: the ones who go out to bars and clubs looking to get laid, and the ones who stay home. 
I think most people most, not all who go out are looking to get laid. Or at least to meet someone they might be interested in fucking. Sure, there are lots of other reasons to go out: dancing, socializing, getting drunk, doing drugs. Networking, maybe? But behind all of those other reasons, I believe that when most people go out and most gay guys in particular they’re at least semiconsciously open to the possibility of having sex. I mean, even most of the couples I know go out looking for guys to take home and fool around with together. 
That’s just kind of what nightlife is for, right? It’s both a release valve and a repository of sexual energy. That’s why people throw parties. That’s why people get drunk; to loosen up their inhibitions. That’s why there are go-go boys dancing mostly naked on the bar; to get you turned on and trick you into thinking you’ve got a shot with them and sometimes you do! Nightlife, while it is many things, is fundamentally built around the possibility of getting lucky. 
None of which is to say that the only point in going out is to get laid. That’s a really important distinction: just because you don’t take someone home doesn’t mean that the entire night was a waste of time. Maybe you had a blast on the dance floor; maybe you met some fascinating new people. It’s all about enjoying the process regardless of the result. 

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