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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Many younger men like the company of older men and vice versa. But why? Some will say that these younger guys have “daddy issues” or that they didn’t had a great relation with their dads and this is what they are looking for in a relationship. When they see a younger guy with an older man they automatically think the boy is an escort.

Older men into younger are usually associated by society to perverts. Some think they are paying the boy to be with them.  Some say that they simply miss their younger years and appreciate the company of a younger guy to keep them cool and hip!
Whatever the reasons, we don’t care, right? Who said an older man cannot be with a younger? 

What about you? Do you like to date or hookup with guys that are your age or you like to go older or younger?


  1. Hmmmm! I think most of the times younger dudes do come my way, but do not think I like them young, so I prefer older dudes

  2. I prefer the companion of an older guy, because they know (most of the times) what they want and they are more secure of themselves. Also I like to feel protected :D

  3. Totally in need of a daddy like that! <3

  4. si estoy con un hombre menor que yo y me siento feliz y el se aferra a no separarse de mi y creo que merece mejor suerte con una compañía de su generación pero él se molesta cuando se lo digo



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