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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


One common bond among sexually active males is a desire to enjoy sex as often as possible. Most guys can participate in some type of sexual activity at least once a day more often if your partner/playmate has similar interests. I am an advocate of frequent climaxes to maintain and sustain semen production. If you do not have a playmate with you, then you should masturbate often (a poor substitute for your playmate’s hand, mouth or ass).

Males are divided into two categories: 
1) Those males desiring a monogamous relationship with one 
special partner/playmate 


2) Those males wanting to enjoy a broad spectrum of playmates. The trade-off if any, usually involves partners who have less sexual intensity in monogamy versus exciting new guys “cumming” in your bed.
How do you describe the quality and satisfaction with your sex life? Are you usually happiest and most content when you are having a stimulating sex life and experience with one special partner/playmate or various partners/playmates?

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