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Friday, July 17, 2015


What do you do when you are in a sexless relationship? 

What do you do when the person you are in love with tells you that the reason he can’t have sex with you is that he is no longer attracted to you because you’ve gained weight and no longer care about your appearance?

What do you do if your partner tells you that he still loves you and wants to be with you?


  1. This left me out to dry. I thought I was gonna get more info and/or conversation about the topic.

  2. Leave them! The weight gain didnt happen over night and they most likely contributed in 1 way or another

  3. The reality is the relationship is over. Now if you both love each other and the sex dwindles that different but in this case..sorry it time to kiss and say good bye.

  4. Leave him. But I Have A Question? What If Your Boyfriend Just Out Of The Blue Stop Having SEx With You.I THINK He's Cheating. He Says He's Not.What do You Think?

  5. Wow.....what has LOVE been diminished too? Love and sex are two different things. Love is a combination of emotional, mental, and spititural connection on shares with another. Sex is the carnal expression of love and physical attraction two people share. Sex can exist without the love aspect but is greatly changed, as it will lack the emotional intimacy, physical care and attention and in most cases a decrease in time. The goal should always be to have a large combination of both.

    If posed with the above situation I would evaluate my feelings, am I solely sexually attracted to my mate, what's my sexual needs, can we regain our sex life? At the end of the day one must decided if the presented future is something they can deal with. I don't feel that the entire relationship should hang in the balance based on this one situation. However, the lack of a sex life, consistent nagging and judging, untrusting and lack of comfortable communication can be the final straw. I feel we sometimes become what has been coined "comfortable" and for get to do maintenance. We lose the aspect of dating in our relationships. Lastly, we must remember the relationship take work. We are essentially taking two whole world's with all their moon's and debris and attempting to get them to orbit perfectly synced without any collisions or destruction.
    With all that said, remember this is just my opinion. My opinion can not console you at night nor does it have the ability to please you sexually. This is something that you will have to address within yourself, as you will have to live with any decision made.



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