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Thursday, July 9, 2015


No point in beating around the bush but after a few exchanges he was on his way over. After the somewhat polite greetings, clothes came off and you got down to business. It is then you realised you had not brought up the subject of status. This was extremely unlike you so you pretty quickly asked him: “Positive or negative?” He responded: “Positive, undetectable.” You are not sure why, and it wasn’t planned, but you came back at him, big smile included, with a high five and a “me too!” He high fived back and you went on to make fireworks. 

Being honest, I can image that staying positive about being positive is hard work. Should gay men feel good about being HIV positive & undetectable? After all the discrimination and stigma that we as a community have gone through, and are still going through, do you feel uneasy about a guy being positive & undetectable? After all More and more guys are living with HIV daily. Being undetectable is becoming a way of life so we need to adapt to this. It may not warrant a party or a greetings card but surely a “Congratulations” or even a high five will do the job just right, right? 


  1. I agree. Interesting article, btw. :)

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