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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Sometimes, bigger isn't always better. While many gay men love the idea of a big penis during sex, it can often be difficult to engage in anal play. Even though many gay men like the idea of a well-endowed man, it can sometimes leave one partner feeling embarrassed or intimidated, or both. Below are some tips on how to navigate an extra large package, as well as the best sex positions for ultimate pleasure.

Talk about your insecurities:

Whether you are the owner of the large penis or the partner, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable about their body. So acknowledge the elephant in the room right away. You don’t want to embarrass the guy since he may already be sensitive about his size — but it’s a good idea to be upfront and honest.

Compliment his size and suggest taking intercourse slower.

Go in with lube (and plenty of it):
Lube should be your number one go-to when it comes to painful sex. Applying it both to the head and shaft of the penis, as well as the anal opening.

Help him glide in and make the entire passionate process a much simpler, and much, much more comfortable process.

And foreplay is just as important. Make sure the two of you pleasure each other before bringing in the lube.

Speaking of foreplay...
Foreplay is essential for getting used to large packages, so don't be shy about suggesting an extended foreplay session.

If he still doesn't spend time stroking, arousing and exciting you before penetration, find a new partner!

Don't expect perfect sex:
Pop culture and some porn make us believe bigger penises mean better sex, but this is not always true.

Sometimes men with big penises think that's all they need to be a gratifying lover, but a big penis doesn't guarantee more orgasms.

If things don't work, talk to an expert:

If practice doesn't result in orgasms for the both of you, it may be time to get help, especially if you are continuously having painful sex.

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