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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It’s Pride season, many of you will travel, some will have sex while traveling, so it brings me to ask you this question. Do you prefer knowing the guy you will have sex with or you prefer anon sex, with a stranger you will meet online or app?
For some people it is impossible to have sex with strangers. They need to know them a bit, at least by going on a date with them. For others what they like is the thrill of not knowing the person and have sex with strangers. But this latest option might also come with STDs….
So let me know, Anon Sex: Hot or Not?


  1. For me sex is hot whether I know the guy or don't know him!

  2. I can deal with not knowing the guy

  3. I loved sex with a guy that I did not know! I just felt so free, so "I don't give a damn"! Let's just do it! It did not matter - he went his way! I went my way! We'd had "fun" together and that was all that mattered. With a "friend" there was always the feeling that I've got to please you - make you happy! No! Let's just do it and go our separate ways!

  4. Anon, no exchange of info, no talking, just HOT, HOT, HOT SEX, then we go our own ways, maybe we will meet again, and maybe not!!!

  5. I love anon sex because you get to meet hot guys that are attracted to you. And you got to admit, we will always go out and do it if not just to prove to ourselves that WE STILL GOT IT ! But I will say I am in an open relationship and the sex that I have with my partner is often much better than with a stranger. You guys know each other. You know what makes each other crazy. With strangers its more about "Get me off" opposed to finding out what the other likes.

    But on the flip side you can be that other person you always wanted to be but couldn't because of whatever quirks or dislikes your partner may have.

    Flipping back on the other side : You may have mind blowing sex with someone anonymously. You guys may even xchange #s but nine times out of ten you will never experience that again because he may only do one timers. You are disposable no matter how good you are with a trick. But you partner you can always hit it and KNOW for certain you will have a great time.

    So I guess my answer is sometimes Hot ! sometimes Not ! :-)

    The Male Casting Couch

    August 23, 2014 at 12:44 PM

    1. you are right about that, there is a rush and excitement to anonymous sex, but it can't beat being with someone that knows how to get you off