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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Men love oral sex. It is something that we want and could enjoy every day. While you may love to lay back and get some dome, it may not be the best experience for your partner. In order to ensure that you get head more often, follow these easy tips that put your partner first.

Make Them Comfortable
Do not grab the back of his head and force him down. This is the quickest way to ensure that you won’t be feeling some wet mouth. You want to create an experience where your partner will find it pleasurable and fun. The easy way to guarantee this is to make him feel comfortable. Be sure to make your partner feel in charge of the act. Place a pillow under him if he is kneeling before you. And be sure to check in to see if they are OK. Don’t touch the head, grab or get rough. Down the line he might discover he likes it aggressive but in the first stages of having sex, keep things basic.

Eye Contact Keeps You Connected
While your partner is pleasing you, be sure to look at him. This small gesture will show him your appreciation of this special gift. By making eye contact you establish a real connection and make it a mutual act more than something that’s being done to you.

Show Your Appreciation
You love it when your boss lets you know they appreciate your work. And your partner will feel the same way if you do the same when they are giving you oral pleasure. Oral sex shouldn’t be a selfish act. You should make your partner feel good about himself. Showering him with compliments, telling him how great of a job he is doing and letting him know he’s great at what he does will motivate him.

Tell Him How You Like
Getting head is an amazing experience. But your partner may need some coaching to give you the feeling you are looking for exactly. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Do you want it slow and sloppy? Are looking for a love bites? Let your partner know. Be sure to put your requests in a positive form.

Take it to the Next Level
I know that you think that this experience couldn’t get any better but it can. Add some new excitement by including the Satin Love Mask. You will be able to experience the sensation but not see the act. Oral sex mints are a delicious way to spice up your head game with a spine tingling cooling sensation that will make your toes curl. The Oral Pleasure brand works in a few seconds. Give your partner a break by using a masturbation toy that offers a life like sensation. The Mood Pleaser Frost is lined with pleasure beads to sensually massage you to orgasm.



  1. love being suck & being sucked. And I swallow and I adore my milk swallowed.
    Do you swallow?

  2. ins't marvellous swallowing and being swallowed?
    ending in such/k way the sex makes me crazy!