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Friday, March 10, 2017


Every relationship in your life is a karmic crossing, a chance to learn soul lessons through the opening of your earth heart. This means looking deeply and carefully at who shows up in our lives and what we're here to learn from them. It means: Healing relationships that have wounded you, making amends for relationships in which you have wounded, balancing relationships that are out of balance, and understanding when a karmic crossing is complete. The deepest level of healing is Divine.

When we as men open our bodies to another, we open not only to power and love, but to incredible vulnerability and to whatever else is moving either inside of our partners, or between us in the relationship. Regardless of your past choices, how much healing you've done, and whether or not you're in a relationship now, you almost certainly find yourself navigating a host of issues because you STILL CARRY the residual impact of perhaps many past lovers. 

I invite you to dive deeply into your relationships at the most profound level, those karmic crossings you experience with lover, partner or boyfriend.

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