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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


When I think about topping I honestly don’t give it much thought.  Mostly I think, “I’m horny…I need to fuck something” and generally the mindset is to find an ass that catches my attention…get in, unload and get out.  But to effectively make your bottom beg for more, here are a few things that every top should know:

1. Know your Weapon 

There’s nothing more annoying to a bottom than a guy who seems to be unfamiliar with his own dick.  The “top” position is a position of dominance and power, it’s an Alpha position.  Confidence and self-awareness go a long way.  Know whether you’re average, hung or super hung.  It’s really annoying when you’re 6″ and you’re waving it around talking about your 10″ dick.  There’s nothing wrong with a healthy degree of confidence; there are plenty of guys with 5″, 6″ and 7″ cocks who can make a bottom’s eyes roll back in their head.  Be confident and be realistic.

2. Bottoms are like Snowflakes
Sexuality is complex.  The human body is complex.  Understanding that will get you miles ahead of the game.  There are a lot of different kinds of bottoms.  Some bottoms like to be thrown around and slammed on the bed, fucked senseless and left in a pile of cum.  Some bottoms like to be aggressively fucked and other bottoms like to aggressively use their ass to work a hot load out of you.  Some bottoms like to push their own limits; they want you to fuck them as hard as you possibly can.  Other bottoms like slow, sensual fucking – for them it’s the buildup of energy and chemistry leading to the climax that gets them off.  It’s always important to understand that a bottom’s main job is to get you off…how they do that is what you have to navigate through.  Getting a little bit of information before sliding in can help you get the most out of the guy you’re fucking.

3. Fantasy vs. Reality
In the fantasy you see the way a guy is looking at you, walk out of the club, slam him up against the wall, pull his pants down and stick your dick up his ass.  You fuck him hard and fast until you unload deep inside him.  Then you slap his ass and head home.  Realistically though, there’s some preparation that goes into bottoming and understanding that can help you.  Food usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes to digest…give or take.  Different kinds of foods are processed differently in the body.  If you go out and enjoy a nice garden salad for dinner…chances are your body won’t have that much waste as most salads are healthy.  If you go out and eat Burritos, Fajitas and Beans then you’ll definitely want to wait until your body has processed all that or it’s going to be your Willy Wonka in his Chocolate Factory and that is NOT exciting.  Bottoms need to know their own bodies; they aren’t just magically ready to fuck at the drop of a hat. Make sure they shower and clean and douche before you get in there.  It’s just the realism of the act.

4. You better work, b*tch
I know…#s 1, 2 and 3 are blah blah blah.  But it’s important to know that stuff.  Now…lube is important.  People use spit and that’s fine; it’s a lubricant but it dries up fast so you have to reapply. Water based lubes are fine but some guys don’t like them because their skin absorbs the moisture too quickly and they have to reapply a lot.  Oil based lubes work better for them and they might work better for you.  Don’t be stingy with the lube; your ass doesn’t generally produce natural lubricant.  There is a mucus that men’s bodies produce to help facilitate bowel movements, but this isn’t the same as lube.  I usually apply lube on the hole and around it and on the globes of the ass because there’s a lot of friction happening when you’re fucking.  Then I lube up my shaft and head and get it real slick.  Then…well…I slide on in.

Being a good top isn’t just sitting there expecting them to do all the work.  A bottom might be aggressive, but mostly I’ve found that the position lends itself to a certain level of submission.  Even an aggressive bottom will give in if you embody that Alpha energy and slam fuck him.  Remember that it’s about THEM getting you off, not just about YOU using them to get off.  They get you off by letting you fuck their hole.  We get off by using that hole however they like it.  It’s a symbiotic relationship, whether it’s long term or just something you connect with for a night.

Have fun boys!

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