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Monday, January 9, 2017


So this past Christmas Noel took me to his home country (Saint Vincent & the Grenadines) to see where he came from and to meet his family. I had great time and would do it again, yet I couldn't help but wonder by us being there for a bit, if it would disrespectful if we were to have sex.
Noel is not out to his mother and she didn't seem bothered that the first time her brought someone home that it was a man. So me being me, I thought it would be okay to hit the sheets as quietly as we possibly could, but Noel was not having it.
So tell do you think it is a definite no no to have sex while visiting your childhood home with your partner for the Christmas Holidays?


  1. As long as the bed isn't offended, I don't think it makes any difference as to what is done between consenting adults! LOL! Seriously, as long as no one else in the home is a cognizant of what is going on between the sheets, then I believe it should be fine.

  2. My rule:

    I don't nt shit on my own backyard! Lol



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