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Friday, January 13, 2017


A lesbian couple has come under fire from their fans – because ‘the wrong one’ got pregnant.

Vloggers Domo and Crissy, whose main channel is followed by 1.4 million people (with another 800.000 following their dedicated vlog channel), are about two months away from welcoming their baby boy into the world.

Now Domo, who’s carrying the couple’s son, has hit back at people saying she’s the ‘wrong’ one to be pregnant because she ‘dresses like a man’ – ie she likes to wear joggers and snapbacks rather than dresses – while Crissy is more feminine looking.

Posting a picture in which she proudly shows off her belly, the vlogger said no matter how she chooses to dress, she’s still a woman who always wanted a child.

‘Who cares if I like to wear snap backs and joggers? Who cares that I’m not the “normal” look of a pregnant woman,’ she said.

‘I am Domonic’s mom and I am proud! There’s a lot of hate going around with me being a “pregnant stud” which is soooo funny to me.

‘Like you people cry all day “don’t judge” or “I hate when people judge” but are the MAIN ONES.’

The couple’s son, who will be named Domonic Christopher Wilson, is due to be born on 19 March.

Domo said she was ‘blessed to bring him into this world’, and that she would teach him to be who he is and always stand up for himself.

‘So Domonic, mommy is sorry that you have to be born in a world full of hate,’ Domo wrote.

‘But just know that I will do my best to protect you.’

Congratulations Mommies!


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  1. Congratulations to you both, An may God continue to shine his grace an mercy on u guys:)



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