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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Do you plan your days?  
Did you wake up today knowing what you wanted to accomplish?
If not, maybe it’s time you do. 
Trust me, a year from now you will wish you had managed your time properly today.  
What would you regret not accomplishing this year?  
What would you regret doing an abysmal job at, simply because you waited until the last minute and then rushed around doing 20 things at once?  
Create a plan to accomplish these things sanely, one at a time.  
Planning doesn’t have to be long and tedious; it can just be a 60 second process.  
Every night, think about three small things that you want to accomplish tomorrow and write them down.  
When you wake up in the morning, review this list before you do anything else, and then take the first step.  
If you find yourself being lured to do something that’s not on that short list of three things, bring yourself back and focus.

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  1. Excellent advice and a valuable list to remember! Thanks, man!