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Friday, February 27, 2015


Homeless LGBTI youth in New York City are engaging in 'survival sex' to their meet basic needs such as food and shelter, a federally funded study has found.

Many of the 283 young people interviewed by the Urban Institute were forced onto the street after being kicked out o
f their homes or aging out of foster care.

'Without having that social safety net immediately available to them, then they will find ways, in their resilience, to be able to survive on their own,' Meredith Dank, the lead author of the study, told Fusion website.

When engaging in sex work, the youths saw an average three to six customers a night – 11 to 18 a week – and charged $90 to $230 per encounter, with a daily income ranging from $355 to $735.

About 90% of the youths said sex work made them feel frustrated, dirty or endangered, and many carried knives or Mace for protection.

Only 7% of respondents said they had no desire to stop engaging in sex work.

'I don’t remember it that vividly, all I know is just that I was starving,' said one 21-year-old male identified as black and gay.

'I was hungry, I was cold, so I did it.'

But more than 80% said there were positive aspects to sex work — notably helping to meet their basic needs and in some cases fostering a sense of community.

'It's not as bad as sleeping under the bridge, it's not as bad as going without food,' said a 19-year-old respondent identified as a Spanish and black, bisexual female.

LGBTI youth make up an estimated 20% to 40% of the homeless youth population, but only 5% to 7% of the total young population in the US.

The study was funded by the justice department's office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention and focused on youth aged between 15 and 21.

Of the respondents, 47% identified as male, 36% as female and 16% as transgender. About 90% were black, Latino or multiracial and nearly 60% lived in shelters or on the street.



  1. do they fuck or oral on male or female parts without protection?

  2. not ashamed to say I did it too! Pops said to stop that homo stuff or get out. I got out! it's been rough and I've had to suck and fuck to survive but I survived... I'm better for it too!

    1. WOW never knew that, you should talk more about that, it can help others out there

  3. if I needed to, I could also prostitution me . When we are hungry or is there a creditor knocking on the door , everything seems to be a way out.
    But it's sad to know that statistics show 90% of respondents are black or Latino ... This shows that many don't have good living conditions.

    1. I only hope that many of them can find their way to a life that doesn't call for such a harsh existence



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