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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A Glory Hole is a hole in a wall, or door, often between adult video arcade booths for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle get off. Glory Holes have been a stable of the underground sex world since the 60′s. I haven’t been able to find an exact date when they become popular but I do know it is one of the best public sexual experiences one can have. While men have various reasons for enjoying sex through a Glory Hole, I will detail a few that come up in discussions.

It’s Anonymous

There is something about doing something that you are not supposed to. One night stands can create great memories for years to come. And the Glory Hole takes it to the next level. It is completely anonymous. You don’t have to know the person on the other end. Many don’t ever see them. If you want to enjoy a warm mouth sucking your dick until you bust, just stick your dick in the Glory Hole. It’s that simple.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Men are visual creatures. The mainstream gay culture is obsessed with the physical form. While some men take the attitude to go along to get along, others don’t have the ability to spend hours in the gym just to get some sexual attention. The Glory Hole is an equalizer. Men that love to service are not interested in your waist size. Simply slide your cock through the hole and receive all the attention you desire. If you are looking to taste a thick dick, then you can have all you want without having to measure up to appearance standards.

Quicker than a Hook up

Online adult social networks were supposed to provide men with a faster way to get off. You played by the rules: wrote a great ad, uploaded pictures and logged on frequently. Unfortunately, you have to consistently play email tag with men that are not sincere in their desire to meet up. Why continue the hassle when you can go to the Glory Hole ? Glory Holes provide a hook up in the immediate now. You don’t have to trade emails, chat endlessly and answer hundreds of questions. You are in one booth, he is in the other. Each has what the other is looking for. It’s time to play. I have gone to Glory Holes and receive some great oral sex in less than fifteen minutes. Find a Glory Hole Near You.



  1. Have always loved the "Glory Hole" for all those reasons. But sometimes it led to something better. He takes you home! You take him home! His car's parked outside so you go off with him! Aaaah! Great memories!

  2. Very educative, post.thanks man

  3. Gary Indiana was one place I had a great experience of this apart from bathhouse. Less body contact, less skin disease.

  4. As fun and easy as it may be always best to play it safe. there's still STD out there that can be received orally.

  5. no, I don't like them! I want to see my blowjobber! I'm very visual, as you say!

    don't miss my last post:

  6. I think sucking a Glory Hole has about as much sense as sucking one's own dick, and being ucked there, well, it's like being in a dark room. Sorry, not for me. I need to have personal, intimate and meaningful relationship for sex to make sense.

    1. I get the excitement and allure but I am with you on this, it is NOT for me



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