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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Someone asked me if I think gay men are too much the focus of HIV and I said no. Statistics show that we gay men continue to account for a high rate of the HIV-positive population.

Imagine this scenario: you recently had two brief encounters with a well-educated professional who had the habit of dipping. On the first visit, you pushed him off, telling him to use a condom and do things properly. On the second, you hesitated, thinking, "Why is it always my responsibility to be responsible?" He sensed your awkwardness, dismounted, and asked, "Do you know your HIV status?" You say, "Yes. I'm positive." He says, "We'd better use a condom then." Prompting you say, "err... hadn't we better use a condom anyway?" So later you asked if, had I told him I was negative, things would have proceeded au naturel. His response: "Well, sometimes I play a bit. I've taken PEP a couple of times." He has an online profile that clearly states: "Safer sex: Always." 

Sexually active gay men can't possibly know for certain that they are HIV-negative yet many are still happy to bareback with someone who also cannot be certain. These men are taking enormous risks with themselves and others and this is how the majority of HIV is spread. HIV testing only tells you that you were negative in the recent past, and every positive person was negative in the past.

It is becoming quite usual to see people advertising their negative status online, often including the date of their last test. Assuming the answers are more credible than cock-size, age, relationship-status or any of the other information routinely improved to increase layability, what genuine information is it providing? Moreover should you take the chance and bareback?


  1. No matter what your status or his, always use condoms. There are more that one disease that can be passed on. PLAY SAFE!!!!!


  2. Regardless to what a profile states you should treat everyone like they are HIV (+)! This will just able make sure you use a condom unless you're a bug chaser. the focus of HIV should continue high it's presence in the Gay community but not be limited to just Gays. Youth 16 -26 should remain a large focus as well, Females, and the aging over 50. No one should be left out of the loop, and resources should be universal. DR. Frieden former commissioner DOHMH now ED CDC was on to something making HIV test more of a mandatory part of your medical physical changing from informed consent which requires your permission & signature to test to unified informed consent which does not. With 50% of all new infections going unknown something needs to be done to ID & Tx

    1. I don't get the bug chaser concept it makes NO sense



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