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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


“Why can’t I sustain a relationship for more than two months?” “Aren’t there any decent guys out there?” These are common questions raised by many single gay men describing their frustration and hopelessness with their dating quests for true “boyfriend material.” Trapped in vicious cycles of unfulfilling dating experiences, many gay men begin to feel powerless, disappointed, and disillusioned. Not only do they begin to lose confidence, but they can even start to succumb to the dangerous stereotypical myth that long-term gay relationships are not possible. Since our scoeity does little to train us on how to date healthily [especially for we gay men], what is a sure-fire way to short-circuit this belief and create opportunities for a single gay man to get what he wants the most? 


  1. I almost never equate Gay life trials with Str8 ones. But in this case I will. I was reading somewhere that the average length of a str8 marriage is 4 years now a days.
    Dating and relationships are hard no matter who you fuck.
    The best thing is not to put so much pressure on yourself. Just enjoy the fun and closeness you have with that new guy and if it lasts great! And if id does least you had a good time.

    1. well said, I ALWAYS tell gay men if you aren't having fun then you are doing something wrong

  2. you has found one, I think. So you know the answer on your own ;-)

    1. well it isn't about me this time



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