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Saturday, January 14, 2012




"(Everything I Do) I Do It for
You" is a power ballad performed by Bryan Adams and
co-written with Michael Kamen andRobert John
"Mutt" Lange
, featured on the soundtrack album from the
1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and on
Adams' album Waking Up the Neighbours. It was an
enormous chart success internationally, particularly in the United Kingdom,
where it spent sixteen consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles
 (the longest in British chart history), seven weeks at
number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States,
and nine weeks atop the RPMsingles
chart in Canada.[1][2] It was a number one hit on several charts, making it
Bryan Adams' most successful song.

Adams, Kamen
and Lange won a Grammy Award
for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television
the Grammy Awards of 1992,[3] and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.[4] Subsequently, the song has been covered by numerous
singers around the world.

"I Do It for You" was the
last of three songs added to Waking up the Neighbours. The album benefited
from the success of the lead single; the song proved to be a hit throughout the
world. In all, it topped the charts in thirty countries, becoming the
best-selling song of 1991 and one of the best-selling singles of all time.

In the United
States, it topped the chart for seven weeks and sold three million singles,
making it America's second-best-selling song up to that point (after USA for
's "We Are the World"). It also broke the record for longest
run at number one on the Hot 100 Single Sales, becoming the
best-selling single in America for 17 weeks.

In the United
Kingdom, it sold almost 1.53 million copies, making it the best selling single
in Britain since Band Aid's "Do They Know
It's Christmas?
" in 1984. The song broke the record for the
most consecutive weeks on top of the British charts, with 16 weeks at number
one from 7 July 1991 (holding Right Said
's "I'm Too Sexy" at number two for six
consecutive weeks). The previous record-holder, "Rose Marie" by Slim Whitman,
had been top of the charts for 11 weeks in 1955. (The single did not break the
record for the most weeks at number one on the UK charts, held by the 1953 Frankie Laine song
"I Believe" which spent 18
non-consecutive weeks at number one.) The success of the single led to Waking
up the Neighbours receiving pre-order sales of 200,000. The single sold 10
million copies around the world.

Elsewhere in
Europe, the song reached number one in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium,
Austria, Switzerland, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The success
of the single led to pre-order sales of a million forWaking up the Neighbours throughout
Europe. The album went on to sell 16 million copies around the world due in
part to the song but also due to other singles.


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