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Monday, February 13, 2023


Are you ready for a recap of Episode 7?

The Main Challenge

This week’s challenge was an acting challenge – a reworking of The Daytona Wind daytime soap format. Was that only last season that we did that? It feels like a lifetime ago.

Last time around, the twist on this was that they added in fart noises in post-production which came as a surprise to the cast when they watched it back.

This time around, I’m not really sure what the twist was. They used a laugh-track and were going for more of a sit-com feel (mashing up sit-com with daytime soap) but there was also some reference to surreal moments that I didn’t get and didn’t seem to work.

The filming process was fine, although we’re painting in very broad strokes in terms of storyline development. The finished product was fine, with Mistress and Malaysia doing the most with the best parts.

The Runway

This week’s category was Puffa.

I don’t think we’ve had this before? It’s an interesting challenge to see how you take the material and the concept and make something drag-fashion out of it. However, in a world where every queen is working with a designer to create these looks, this is very project runway – it would be interesting to hear from the designers about how the concepts and the construction of the looks.

·         Loosey: This was a very strong look from Loosey. She gave us the puff-marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. It was a clear concept, it hit the brief on two levels, and it was very well-executed. Top marks.

·         Spice: Spice looked good, and it was a slightly different look from what we’ve seen her in previously. It was Insta-girl goes to the snow. Job done.

·         Sasha: Another gorgeous look from Sasha. She was head-to-toe in bumblebee black and yellow stripes, with a puffer jacket and a puffer vest – stripped it all down to show body, giving us the parachute coat effect that Salina tried to construct in the sewing challenge.

·         Luxx: Another great look from Luxx. Hot pink with accents of black, this was a Jackie O look reimagined for the Jetsons. Smashed it.

·         Malaysia: This was a cute look from Malaysia – head-to-toe in a lemonade theme that all made sense. It was slightly more duvet than puffer-jacket, but it worked.

·         Aura: This was a gorgeous look from Aura, she used puffer material to make a dramatic kimono. Nice one.

·         Jax: This is one of the better looks that we’ve seen from Jax – giving us bumblebee in black and yellow and embodying the bee silhouette. Good job.

·         Mistress: This was a good concept from Mistress – it was puffer chaps in a custard swirl of pink and yellow. It would have been a lot stronger if she’d rethought the pants – they looked a bit diaper.

·         Anetra: Anetra looked gorgeous but – given what we saw from everyone else – this was a bit underwhelming. It was hot pink minidress with a fur-lined red puffer jacket.

·         Marsha: Marsha gave us an all-white look and explained that it was her character going to the snow and not realising that it was cold so she got frostbite. It was pretty basic.

·         Salina: This was a cute look from Salina. It was a white puffer jacket covered in clear-plastic pockets, with things in them. Job done.

The Judging

Mistress was declared the winner, which was fair enough. It must have been a close call between Mistress and Malaysia, but this gives Mistress her first win which is probably helpful from a storyline perspective.

The bottom three were Spice, Jax, and Aura. I thought Spice was going to be lip-syncing for sure, but no – it was Jax and Aura that ended up in the Bottom 2.

The lip-sync

The track was Sweetest Pie by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa.

Lip-syncing to rap is a tough ask.

Aura is a very strong performer, but in this format Jax is very hard to beat. Jax throws her stunts in so effortlessly, that it feels a very natural performance that’s great to watch.

It was no surprise when Jax was safe and Aura was eliminated.

Episode 7, done!


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