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Monday, May 3, 2021


Is it true what they say about black men  –  that we turn an ass out in bed? According to some of response I get about the images I share here, that seems to be a definitely.

I love when a black man can be appreciated, but I can’t stop myself from cringing when I read the sexual innuendos, I get the compliments, but I wonder is still just about sex? The general consensus about compliments seems to be this: Take them and run.

But praise that revolves around race doesn’t single out anything that doesn’t apply to millions of other men, how can we as black men not cringe?

This is more about objectification, it’s about the myth about black men and how it has become the bane of our gay existence. I’m sure the whites who drool are doing it because size matters, but is that all that REALLY matters?

Why must seeing a black man almost exclusively and unfailingly inspire sexual thoughts? Is that all there is to us?

I know everyone gets objectified regardless of skin color, but I wonder if the objectification ever makes blatant mention of the skin tone of men that aren’t black?

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  1. Oh, dear. Well, here's the thing... where is the line between objectification and preference? When do we cross into that arena where people become an attribute? I love black men. But then, that is true of almost any kind of man. And sex is sex. Does that mean any of us are more than our naughty bits? I dunno. If I ever arrive at an answer to my first question, I'll let you know. But I struggle with it. I mean... what is porn about, if not objectification?