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Monday, May 24, 2021


He's going full-throated gay agenda!

For its final episode of season 46, Saturday Night Live finally was able to put on an episode in front of a full audience. Hosted by Anya Taylor-Joy, the episode hosted a crowd full of vaccinated attendees in its Manhattan studio. And for the moment, Lil Nas X, the night's performer, pulled out all the stops.

Nas X performed his hit, much-discussed track "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)." It is the title track off of his upcoming debut album and marked a decisive turn for the signer. For the Saturday Night Live performance, which was his first performance of the song, Nas X teamed up with noted choreographer Sean Bankhead. And yes, he ripped his pants.

Nas X appeared onstage with the stripper pole to hell that caused him to go viral. The stage became his hell, wings on display as a backdrop. With the performer wearing leather pants, a phalanx of backup dancers joined him. The performance quickly became a mass of perfectly synchronized writing, sweaty bodies. At one point, Nas X was having his face licked, and then at another he approached the pole — likely in order to take a spin. He then grabbed his crotch and kept a hold of it while keeping most of his movements pretty restrained. It quickly became clear that his pants had ripped. This is what we call a professional. 

It took mere minutes for the performance to end before he tweeted about it. "NOT MY PANTS RIPPED ON LIVE ON TV," he wrote.

Well, we still love you! Truly the gay pop star we weren't sure we would ever get.

Later in the night, the performer saw his duality by performing his new track "Sun Goes Down." In it, he speaks about getting picked on as a kid, going though school lonely, and having suicidal thoughts. In the song, he says he found solace via friendships online.


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