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Monday, December 7, 2020


With starring turns in A Star Is Born and most recently, on Station 19, Shangela has become one of the most popular and in-demand dolls to ever come from the runway of RuPaul’s Drag Race. As we all await the moment that our favorite dolls return to the stage, Shangela has been making it work in a whole different way, while giving philanthropic-realness the whole time.

Now the woman that made Halleloo a household catch phrase is launching a product that every single one of us have been using this year; she has recently launched her new line of sanitizer aptly titled ShanitizerShanitizer is definitely not just any sanitizer;  it has three different scents which makes constantly reapplying sanitizer a joy.  Shanitizer is available in three scents: Hallelemon, a lemongrass tea scent, Sugar Daddy, a strawberry shortcake scent and ProFRESHional, a lush linen scent. The product is crafted under strict guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization and contains 80% alcohol formula is available in both 4oz. spray cap bottles.

As she has done as part of the HBO docuseries We’re Here, Shangela makes giving back to the community the backbone of the project. A portion of the proceeds of Shanitizer are being donated to the non-profit effort Feed the Queens, a national initiative founded to galvanize and gain support in the fight against food insecurity among drag queens, drag kings and trans drag performers within the nightlife and performing arts communities. Recently in honor of ‘Giving Tuesday’, Shangela announced that Feed The Queens is increasing the food grant amount from $100 to $400 gift cards to all out of work performers who have applied.

Shanitizer is available now on the website

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