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Monday, September 14, 2015


Apparently we all missed it, but Ellen DeGeneres was actually in the GOP debate that took place on Fox News on August 6th. As part of her season opener, the show put together a 2 minute clip of Ellen on stage with 10 GOP nominees, and it is YouTube gold.
Joking that she thought she was supposed to be at a taping of Celebrity Family Feud, Ellen launched into the debate by prematurely accepting the Republican nomination. The cheers from the crowd confirmed that she would be the GOP frontrunner if any of this were real.
Ellen's next move was to take Megyn Kelly's question about same-sex marriage. "I am for it. Anyone else around me? Come on. The tides are a changin'. I mean, have you seen my wife?" At this reminder of Portia's beauty, the other Republicans raise their hands. (Because who wouldn't?)
The debate continues, complete with banjo music, Ellen's supportive underwear line, and Ellen making it rain with Trump's cash. Let's bring Ellen back for all the rest of the Republican debates.

SOURCE: SheWired

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