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Friday, September 18, 2015


How do you conduct yourself when you are in a barber's chair in the "shop" and suddenly the topic of discussion turns to "FAGGOTS" or "Is___gay?" When do you "stand up?
How do you challenge homophobia in these circumstances?

Do you get up and leave? Do you admonish the owner? Do you stay silent? Do you laugh and join in? Do you defend others like yourself? Do you educate the ignorant in the audience? And if you can take charge of that conversation, will you?

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  1. Gay, Black ex-roommate of mine used to get his haircut at a local barbershop where the conversation would occasional turn to "them faggots" but he would never say a word, much less get up and leave. Why? Because in his words, his 26 year old, drop dead handsome Latin hair cutter was just too damned cute. So there you go.



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