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Monday, December 7, 2020


Being gay men in 2020 is a very different experience from that of 20 years ago. Politics aside, the mainstreaming of the queer identity has already informed so much of what we hear and see and with the mobility of technology not just in the advent of cruising devices but in the online experience as a whole has fundamentally shifted the way we embrace our sexuality.

With this evolution, and its translation from concept to the real world, and a whole lot of people can get on board and identify as sexual beings. In our current sex-positive space, do you consider the acceptance of our sexuality as a sign of change rather than simply a trend?

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  1. Two steps forward, one step back... but we're way out in front these days. The Pence's and all the other politically active homophobes? They remain scary as hell... but I think those with us are more powerful than those against... so let's keep marching... two steps forward, one step back.