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Monday, August 29, 2016


Disclaimer of Cognitive Dissonance:
Before reading any further, I would like to inform the reader that this blog entry will likely provoke strong emotional reaction and some will find it offensive. In fact, I already am aware of many of the negative remarks that will arise, so I will just address them now.

1.    I do not hate the gay people and I do not hate people. Quite the contrary, I feel badly for our community because many of us are being brainwashed, manipulated, and used to fight bogus wars under the disguise of us gay people vs. those other gay people; when in reality we are only fighting to secure a place within society when society should be fighting to secure with us.
2.   Some will say, “Not all the gay people misbehave and you are focusing on the minority.” This is true, there are a number of gay people out that give the community reasons to be proud. However, many of us will always be viewed as just gay people.

3.   Some will say, “How can you not support the gay people, when you are a part of the gay community?” I am not apart or nor do I represent the entire gay community.  

So answer this question, what if we gay people are the "bad" guys and all the negative things that happen to us, we cause it on ourselves?

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