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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Having sex with other guys at first was generally confusing. Some guys kissed weird. Some guys were a lot rougher than I anticipated. Some guys just laid there. Some guys slobbered all over my face and told me how hot it was. I licked one guy’s nipple and he came on the spot then threw me out because he was embarrassed. I had to make one guy leave because the way he delivered blowjobs reminded me of a dog going after his chew toy. At some point I thought to myself “First off, guys don’t know what they’re doing and secondly…what exactly do I WANT them to do to me?”

Exploring your sexuality isn’t always a straight guy wondering what it’s like to be with another guy (or conversely, gay guys wonder what it’s like to be with a woman). That’s just sexual curiosity and I’m sure at some point everyone at least considers what the other sexualities do exactly. I watch straight porn because I think it’s hot, but sometimes when I’m watching it I think to myself “so…I’m supposed to punch a woman’s vagina?  That’s what girls like?” – It’s all very strange to me, but it’s still just a curiosity. Although I did have sex with females early on I’ve never felt a romantic or emotional/sexual attraction to women.

For me exploring my sexuality meant looking into all the various sexual “things” that were out there. Do I like giving blowjobs? Do I really get turned on by it? Do I like getting blowjobs, is that what turns me on? What about fucking? Am I a top or a bottom…which one makes me feel the most powerful?  Which one do I connect to the most? Do I feel most like myself when I’m sliding into a tight little bottom, or do I feel more powerful when a guy is inside me? Do I like leather? What about bears? Am I into bears? Do I want to be tied up and gangbanged? Believe me, sexuality is a VERY big world and if we don’t allow ourselves the time to experiment with things then we won’t really have a well rounded and confident approach to our sexuality.  We’ll also end up in a lot of sexual situations that are both bizarre to us and disappointing.

I decided to take a few years to really explore my sexuality.  I allowed myself the freedom to research different ways people have sex and to try them out at least once.  If I didn’t try something I might not know if I like it, and if I educated myself about what I wanted to try then I felt much safer experimenting.  So I did it.  In the end I realized that after a couple of years I was a little older (we’re always so concerned about our youth) but I was so much more in touch with what I actually liked, and very confident about it. I knew the things that turned me on and I knew what I was comfortable doing that might be outside my normal boundaries of comfort. I love kissing. I love body contact. I like it when a guy is vocal during sex. I love fucking.  And now when I get asked “what are you looking for?” or “what are you into?” I have a clear, defined answer.

Think of it as a science experiment.  Give yourself some time to figure it out. Don’t be upset if you don’t know at first. Be educated, safe and have a little fun.


  1. A very honest, down-to-earth piece of advice, my naked brother! Sex, like any other experience, is a "try it and see if you like it" process. What is good and pleasing to one may not afford the same gratification to another! Great job, man! Take care and stay as bare as you dare!

  2. Yes right I try out myself out we went to motel I didn't protect myself we we're in the shower he start suck my dick I like to much we head to bed room I sit on his dick it hard we did from side it felt more comfortable for me he was big 8' inches



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