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Friday, December 4, 2015


Do you trust that he will have your back? I mean really, really trust him? I’m not just talking about trusting that he won’t “cheat” on you, but how about trusting him with your heart? How about trusting that he will make decisions based on the best interest of your relationship? How about trusting that he won’t do anything that could break you a part? How about trusting that if he did make a bad decision or mistake, it was not done with bad intentions?

Our EGO can often get the best of us. So much that we don’t even allow a person to make mistakes. He’s not perfect. He will do things that will challenge your relationship and your trust in him – and so will you! It’s a part of life. Does that mean he is no longer worthy of your trust? Never make him feel like he can do something to lose a part of you (and that includes trust). It just causes insecurity within your relationship and I’m sure you can imagine the problems that derive from insecurity.

Your threats? Keep them to yourself. If you are going to leave, leave. But as long as you are still committed to your relationship, it is beneficial to minimize insecurity between the two of you.  He is going to hurt you. He is going to disappoint you. Anyone who is that close to your heart will be the one to hurt you the most. You will be most sensitive to anything he does and with sensitivity, hurt comes easily and expeditiously.

Don’t think that just because you guys have decided to live “happily ever after” that things will be perfect. Hell, if you are doing it right then it will be the most challenging part of your life.  That’s what GROWTH is. You want to grow, don’t you? Don’t think that just because he makes 100 mistakes that he does not want to be with you. Instead of trusting his behaviors, how about trusting his intentions? After all, behaviors are of the human experience and intentions are from the soul. Are you soul mates or what?


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  1. Cool perspective, buddy! A very thought-provoking piece of journalism. I'm glad you posted this! Much love and many naked hugs, man!



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