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Friday, January 17, 2014


Only two movies opening this weekend might get my attention and they are Ride Along and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. What movie(s) will get your eyes this weekend?
Ride Along


- Kevin Hart's popularity has skyrocketed over the past two years.
- Ice Cube also significant commercial success on his resume, most recently in his supporting 21 Jump Street role.
- Flixster activity is strong.


- With the number of films featuring Hart lately, have audiences been overexposed to him?
- The competitive market.
- Very poor early reviews.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


- The built-in franchise appeal of the Jack Ryan character.
- Paramount's marketing campaign has kicked into high gear since the new year started.
- Flixster activity has been solid.


- It's been more than a decade since Jack Ryan appeared on film (The Sum of All Fears); attracting younger moviegoers will be difficult.
- The competitive market including Ride Along and various Oscar contenders.

- Chris Pine has yet to prove an ability to draw big at the box office.

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