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Monday, January 13, 2014


Anal sex is one of the hottest sexual activities men engage in. While some men think that all you need is lube to enjoy the action, there are a number of important items that you should consider before getting busy. If you are one that loves back door action, then these 5 rules will ensure every time is a great time.

Clean it Up
Anal play can have accidents. This is a normal part of the experience. You need to keep the boy scouts rule of preparation in mind. Use an anal douche to rinse your body of any debris. The Calexotics Anal Douche is easy to use and provides results with one bottle full of water. Should you be in a rush, the Fleet enema can be obtained at your local drug store.

Foreplay Matters
Even if your would rather just bend him over and have your way, foreplay will ensure that the experience will be better for both of you. Every man has certain spots on his body that increases his arousal. Turn him on and he’ll be willing to ride you like a cowboy. Only a greedy man is interested solely in his pleasure.

Slow and Sensual
The booty is not a vagina. It doesn’t self lubricate nor behaves the way a woman’s body does. When it’s time to get busy, be sure to take your time entering the back door. Go at his pace. Ask your partner to take relaxing breaths so that the anus doesn’t tighten up too soon. After you have insertion, get him to exhale deeply so that the muscles relax. Once his body adjusts then you can enjoy play at your normal speed.

Lube it Up
Be sure to lubricate yourself and your partner. This will ensure a smooth glide providing sensual pleasure. The type of lube you choose really does matter. It should not dry out, have a silky feeling and be water based. Use JUS Lube by Dick Ross because it has vitamin e and aloe to keep your skin moisturized during the act. A generous application at the start should make the experience feel that much better.



  1. as you know, I don't like anal sex, neither as a top and bottom. If my partner asks me and I'm so excited to hold the erection, I fuck him. But I asks him to put my dick into his ass, because I fear to hurt him, because of my huge dick

    So, I fuck 95% for his pleasure! My pleasure is seeing him happy and the fact this happiness is made by me! But if I have/can choice, I prefer not to fuck!

    1. I'm not a bf and I have no bf, I'm only a lover! I use meet men in cruising places!

    2. but even if I had a bf, it'd change nothing!

  2. The problem is pain. I don't want to cause pain to my lover, or risk to feel pain with anal intercourse, There are many painless ways to reciprocal pleasure between men, so, why risk pain?

    1. there are things you can do eliminate the pain, foreplay is a MUST!

  3. Good post. Most guys ignore these simple rules



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