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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Just because he's gay doesn't mean that anal sex is easy. Many tops make the mistake of assuming they'll slide right in with a dab of saliva. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anal sex is an intense act that should be viewed more highly by gay men. If you are into the guy you are with or have a special friend with benefits then you will want to tape these tips to your wall because they will bring you hours of great back door action.
The secret to making anal sex a fantastic experience for both you and man is all about preparation. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’ve made it a regular part of your sex life, there are some essential steps to take before any back door action goes on. As you both get used to each other, some of these tips will become less time consuming, but still its always necessary. And before you think your dick gives you power in the bedroom, remember the bottom calls the shots when its time to go deep.
 Use Dark Sheets
If the potential of an accident is an issue for you, you may want to start by replacing those bright white bed sheets with a darker color. You’re less likely to see stains and its a good clue to your man that you want to get busy when he sees that you have changed the decor.
Don’t Over-douche
Lots of men think they have to spend hours cleaning themselves.  While douching will clean out the anal cavity and may even feel good to some people, excessive douching can dry out the anal canal and cause micro-abrasions that make passing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) more likely. A simple rinse using theStreamMaster Hydra 250 will do the trick. It has an easy to squeeze bulb and a small tip for easy insertion. Plus its small enough to be discreet. And every top should have one just in case.
Relax Him
When planning to have anal sex, especially for the first time, it is important to create a relaxing, non-intimidating atmosphere. The more relaxed he is, the easier it will be. Go at his pace. Putting on some sexy music, getting the lighting right and starting out with a massage will get him to loosen up literally and figuratively.

Anal Foreplay
You should lick it before you stick it. But if you don't know the guy that well then prepare him by rubbing his anus and perineum gently with your fingers. Be sure to trim your nails and wash your hands before entering.  You can even use a prostate massager to get him accustomed to being penetrated there. He'll love the stimulation. If you keep up the intensity, he can have an anal orgasm. Try Neon Prostate Stimulator to arouse your man. It is soft to the touch and reaches his special spot with ease.

Lube up
The No. 1 rule for pleasurable anal sex is to always use plenty of lube. Since the anus does not produce its own natural lubrication, it is necessary to make it slick, silky and wet use JUS Lube by Dick Ross . Make sure the lube you choose is condomsafe and have lots of it on hand. You may need to reapply during your anal sex session. If he has discomfort during the process, Pjur Analyse Me ! relaxes his anus and keeps him lubricated during penetration.

Use Protection
Pregnancy may not be an issue for gay men but STD's are. You should always wear a condom unless you are in a tested committed relationship. The anus is susceptible to tiny cuts and tears that could make transmitting easier.  Condoms can also be put on dildos and prostate massagers for hygienic purposes.

Always Be Prepared
If anal sex is your goal, there is a bit of prep work involved in order to make it a great experience for both your and your man. It is really in your best interest to make sure he enjoys himself, because you will get more nookie if he does. So be a boy scout and keep these tips in mind. You can thank me later.



  1. Have always loved being fucked as long as it was done properly with plenty of prefuck preparation, and lots of lube. I was once raped without any lube being used, or any prefuck preparation for what was about to happen, which was a terrible experience.

    1. that is so horrible :(



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