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Thursday, October 24, 2013


In the world, there are so many people overweight that scientists are concerned about the earth tipping. Fortunately for the profit motive, we are fattening up the rest of the planet. Health? Who cares! Leave that up to the ‘organic-check-the-ingredients’ nut cases! Word is, ‘we no longer need intelligence to survive’ - that seems to have gone viral!

In Japan, where they sell ‘pink pepsi’, they have also created a new pepsi that actually ‘escorts’ the fat out of your body! How do you think corporate salesmen feel as they sell products and services that ‘sizzle’ and excites the imagination while making them tons of cash?

I have a friend that drinks diet coke’, ‘because it tastes good’! She drinks 6 to 10 cans per day, smokes because it calms her down, and is 150 pounds overweight! Says she is slowly cutting back, and is somewhat under doctors care with diabetes problems!

Millions have similar life styles as they buy 2% milk, and diet this food and that food! ‘Die - t’ seems to mean to avoid this or ‘die early’! I would call it a ‘slow suicide’! The secret to a better life is there is no secret! AWARENESS, sometime referred to as ‘paying attention’ and being discerning can be a life enhancer the natural way, and even a ‘life saver’! Love yourself by being ‘aware’ and selecting the best choice. 


  1. It's not that I wanna lose weight, I just wanna look sexy at the beach... Is that bad? I always said that if I ever get the body, I'd lowkey audition for like, dawgpoundusa or something... But McDoubles are too damn good...


    1. I know what you mean about looking sexy and that's not bad but NO porno stuff for you sir

  2. Whatever happened to eating healthy and smart? Fruits, veggies, etc.? Eight hours of sleep? Shortcuts aren't always the right choice.

  3. Agree with Roger! I try to stick to my diet of good healthy food, some exercise every day (I walk for 40 minutes most days), good night's sleep and "drink plenty of water" (my doctor's advice) !!!!!



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