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Thursday, June 17, 2021


Love-bombing is when someone overwhelms you with words, actions, affection, and behaviors as a way of manipulating you. This method of manipulation is used to satisfy a person’s hidden agenda or make a person do something they want them to do.

Not all love-bombing scenarios will lead to abuse, it’s still important to notice the signs.

This behavior has likely happened at least once with everyone. I’m sure you can recall now the moment where you knew you avoided love-bombing or the moment you were living high and large on love-bombing.

The reason it’s so alarming is because of the way it rushes you into a relationship or commitment with someone before you even knew how you got there.

I can recall a time when I dated someone who convinced me he and I were meant for each other. He constantly loved-bombed me when we started dating—telling me that this was more real than anything he had ever felt, and showering me throughout the day with the most intensely sweet comments.

He said everything I wanted to hear.

Because the truth is relationships are messy.

They are hard. They take work.

The conception that you will find someone who fits perfectly places a pressure on the relationship that can suffocate its growth and lead you back to swiping right and left—with the hope that this time, you will find someone who is just “right.” Someone who won’t feel like settling.

However, if you want a romantic relationship to last, there will be some aspect of settling.

There will be a settling with, which is different than settling for someone.

If you are unsure of your ability to discern if the person you’re dating is an authentic and amazing fit for you, or if your commitment to them is a sign you’ve given up and have accepted second best—then you've been love bombed!

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