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Monday, June 28, 2021


First dates can be scary for even the most romantically veteran of us. We’re always wondering what the other person is thinking about us and we try our best to impress. While there is a lot of gray area in the dating world, there are a few no-fly zones that should be steered clear of no matter what. If you want to survive the first date and secure a second, try to avoid doing any of these things.

One of the most annoying things a guy can do on a date is being completely plugged into his phone. Grabbing drinks or eating dinner with a guy who is endlessly scrolling through the thirst trap that is Instagram, or texting other people the entire time is a huge turnoff and makes for awkward conversation. Take a few seconds and unplug.

Putting the phone down, making genuine conversation and giving uninterrupted attention to your date will bode much better than being socially checked out. Your date will thank us.


A date is like an interview in a couple ways. This is a time for you to check compatibility with a guy and get to know him as well as show yourself off. While being conversational is a great asset to have, especially on a date, it’s a double-edged sword. Talking too much can be a turnoff as well.

Don’t give an entire lecture about your childhood or drone on about what you are doing at work. Keep answers casual but concise. A good rule of thumb is for every question you get asked, build on it and ask another question. This will keep the conversation engaging and will show you’re a great listener, plus, you might learn a thing or two you like about your date.


Dates can be awkward and it may be easy to have a couple glasses of wine or a few beers as a social lubricant. Loosening up and feeling at ease is important, but so is moderation. Don’t be the guy who blacks out on a first date. Slurring, dancing on tables and getting sick should be left to reality TV and stay far away from the dating world. You want your date to have a good time; don’t make things awkward by making him take care of you.


Oftentimes, both parties of a first date feel a little off and maybe a little cautious. You don’t know much about the person you’re about to see and they don’t know much about you. This interaction is essential in creating the perception the guy has of you. One thing you don’t want to do is come off too aggressive.

Intense grabbing or forced make out sessions never end well. No matter how great the date has gone, you need to evaluate the vibes you’re getting and match them. Don’t try to impress him with being extra sexy and hot – be casual and tactful. If that leads you to making out at the end of the night, great, but don’t force anything by being aggressive.


There’s a reason we saved this for last. Under no circumstance should an ex be brought up on a first date. We repeat: DO NOT DO IT. Later in the relationship, talking about past experiences can be beneficial to your growth as a couple, but let’s make it through date one first. After all, it can only go two ways on a first date; He may think you think a little too fondly of your ex, or that you have some pent up resentment. Both are red flags and hardly a guarantee for another date. Your ex is in your past for a reason; don’t bring him along for the ride tonight.

Alright. You’re getting ready for your first date with the hot guy you met a few days ago. You’re making sure you look okay, smell great and are rehearsing things to say. Take a couple seconds to think about some of the not-so-great things we mentioned above and steer clear! This is your chance to impress a guy, don’t blow it by making some minor mistakes with big consequences. Now, go enjoy!


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  1. You forgot 'serve fish' and 'pretend you're Laura in Glass Menagerie. Oh, yes... sooooo guilty.