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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, February 5, 2021


Soulmate; a word which makes you think about romantic movie scenes and love songs.

An epitome who makes you feel whole because he is your other half who finished each other sentences and made you brave enough to break down your walls.

The definition of soulmate sounds too clichΓ© as its concept always be related to that person you will call as the one.

But, wait, the truth is, when you meet your soulmates, you will feel damaged.

Your soulmate(s) are the people who will be your mirror which you can see your naked self.

They will rip apart your inner self, layer by layer until you can see who you truly are.

They will slap you hard to wake you up from your deep sleep and make you realize that you’ve been on the wrong path of life.

They will be the ones who make you realize that you’ve been abandoned your passion, your dreams, and your purpose in life. They know you more than yourself and they will make you terrified.

You will be terrified as they push you to the limit and make you get out of your comfort zone, simply because they know you can achieve more than what you believe in.

They will make you confront your fears and help you understand the meaning of being fearless. They will break your heart as they are telling the truths about those wrong things you used to love.

Your soulmate(s) will tear you apart until you feel lost along the way so you can find your true self back.

Your soulmate(s) will not always bring clarity as their presence only means that you need to take a step back and contemplate the things you truly deserve in life.

They will make you question many things and they will not always hold the answers because they are the ones who will send you on a journey to find and create yourself along the way.

They will make you feel broken because they show you the wounds and bruises you’ve used to hide from the world.

They don’t always have the band aids to heal your wounds, but they will show you the way to stop it from bleeding.

You will feel the pain because your wounds start to bleed again, but you’ll feel blessed as well because they make you realize that after all this time, you’re keeping some wounds that haven’t dried. Your soulmates will not save you from drowning, but they will teach you how to swim.

Your soulmate(s) will make you learn countless new things in life. They will teach you how to let go and love without having an obsession as they will not always stay beside you.

They have their own life and you learn that soulmate(s) don’t have to be together all the time. You want them in your life, but you know you can’t make them stay, so you’ll let them go.

You will learn to appreciate their presence and try your best not to take them for granted.

Despite all the ugly truths they’ve said about yourself until you feel broken, they will make you feel secure.   

Your soulmate(s) are your safety net, shelter, and home. They are the people whom you’ll always come back because no one could understand you better than they did.

They knew that you have flaws and wounds here and there, but they have a sincere willingness to help and fix you to be better. They accept you with an open heart and they want all the best for you.

Your soulmate(s) doesn’t have to be the one because ‘soulmate(s)’ is not always a term to define a romantic partner.

When you’ve met your soulmate(s), keep them close to your heart, but when they choose to leave, let them go.


  1. Think you just know that's it, that's the real thing. 🀷‍♂️ The person who's worthy & who can appreciate you as well. Some people get lucky in life by being out there. Everyone should be as available and open as possible. And it may just happen! πŸ’™