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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, February 24, 2017


There are infinite reasons to not make the best assumptions, but life becomes better when you are in a position where assuming the best should be as natural as breathing. Having to play detective, particularly in this era of ‘photo-shopping’ and spinning the truths creates endless, immeasurable ‘crosschecking’ time to see what’s true or not.

Some persistently assume the worst from people in general. Not wise. That mindset will become a ‘wall’ between you and others that also see the doubt energy. On the other hand, many times it will occur to another when you are assuming the best from them, that they will make a decision to ‘correct’ any possible lesser intent to a higher one.

‘Assuming only the best’ may require replacing a more negative habit with this one. Soon it becomes automatic as the ‘knack’ is developed. If one chooses to ‘judge’, let it be for the more favorable assumption. We are all ‘one’, but that’s where it starts and ends. In between starting and ending, people have all kinds of ways to derail them into mental and heart clogged drains that have forgotten to keep the heart and mind clear. Approaching someone or situation with as much positivity and awareness, while void of negative judgment, will frequently engender a more positive response. Past memories that have impaired fresh,’let bygone’s be bygone’s’ feelings serve only the negative. A new approach may require some caution, but with caution you might assume the other would also like to start anew too. There are infinite situations to assume the best with eyes and heart wide open that will produce a new light encouraging fruitful growth in connections.

‘Assuming only the best’, that results in being wrong is an opportunity to learn and see what made the decision not produce the expected results. A certain element of common sense must be a forerunner before going into a state of ‘cruise control’ in assumptions of trust. Assume the positive, but at the same time be mentally prepared for the opposite. Realistically, it’s a matter of degree of energy put into an expected outcome, and the ability to successfully handle something different than what was assumed.

The ultimate partnership between two people who have melted hearts, minds, secrets, and all forms of communication is to be on ‘automatic’, and to always know that the other has your back, and in fact, you share the same mind and heart as ‘one’. That would be a ‘soul mate’ condition rather than a ‘soul mating’ condition where the connection as completely ‘one’ is in progress. To be in a true state of love or grace, is to be beyond always having to ‘assume the best’!

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