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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I graduated high school this year and I have kept a close relationship with my teacher. He is 15 years older than me and single. Since I was in grade 8, we would stay after school and talk for a couple of hours. He is always joking with me and giving me advice. He does not act this way with any other student. He had told me before that I was very attractive. My fellow classmates used to always say we looked cute because he does not look his age.

Sometimes we would stay after school to watch plays and he would talk to me instead of his other teacher friends. After school, if he knew I had to stay for some other reason, he would keep the door open in his office for me to walk in and talk. Sometimes he would personally ask to see me after school, so we could catch up. Do you think he has something for me? And should I make a move now that I am get older? I have never felt this towards any other boy, until now.

Have you ever had to deal with this? 

What are your thought?

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  1. YES!!!! You at least need to explore whether he likes you and is actually pursuing you or not, but make sure that you be clear and get a firm understanding to whether he was just being nice, or if he's really into you. You don't want to embarrass yourself.



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