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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Articles have been written about adjustments older males face in their later years and some websites offer social interaction, but not many offer sexual opportunities. We have come to erroneously believe that sex is not happening among older adults. WOW! We are misinformed! Sexual activity among older adults is still a hot topic—pun intended!

Many older guys are still very active sexually—str8, bisexual and gay! These men are looking for playmates and partners that are young, exciting and fantastic in the bedroom. They are sometimes looking for playmates nearer their own age. Erectile dysfunction may affect some oldsters, but medications available are permitting them to enjoy renewed sex lives!
Many older males have enjoyed long-term relationships with some ending in death. They have experienced emotional trauma along with their suffering mates—just the same as str8 couples.   Their lonely lives thereafter produce all the stages of grief with depression and stress through an extended period of recovery that could rebound in delayed sexual pleasure and ecstatic experiences.

Older gay males are not often as interested in having occaional hookups but are more interested in the quality of companionship in LTRs. Younger guys are not often sensitive to older gay males and do not offer assistance—with or without sexual interaction. Some older gay males become involved in community affairs and health awareness. (locations for HIV testing, health screening, etc.) Websites also list volunteer community service programs where older males can get involved. Younger males can also find informal counseling from older males. This can result in productive business decisions by younger adults.

If you are an older adult, consider how you can improve the quality of your life while helping gays of all ages—younger and older who have lost their focus! If you are a young adult interested in making a difference in your community, think about the ways you might interact with older guys in community projects. Give them a hand—no pun intended.


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