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Friday, July 15, 2016


Longing for a life-partner without feeling that you have the power to attract love can be one of the hardest places to be—I’ve been there and it’s an incredibly tender and vulnerable feeling.

Or maybe you have an amazing life filled with success and you feel great most days, but then it hits you... Sunday morning when you wake up and all your friends are at brunch with their loved ones... and you feel a deep ache for something you don't let yourself feel most of the time—you really DO long for love.

Or those times when you go through something challenging at work or with your health and there's no one to comfort you and take care of you...

These moments are difficult because the truth is that we are hardwired for love and partnership, and studies show that having a happy relationship is the #1 factor that creates a feeling of success, well-being and fulfillment in life.

So that feeling that something's missing is feedback from your own inner knowing and wisdom.

It's a signal that you deserve more and you're not meant to be alone.

And if you're single and don't want to be, I know it's not for what feels like a lack of trying.

How many of the following have you caught yourself thinking or feeling?

MYTH #1: If it’s meant to be, it will just happen.

TRUTH: Success in love is like success in any other area of your life. It takes commitment, intention, investment, work, and getting out of your comfort zone.

MYTH #2: When I meet my soulmate, I’ll just know.

TRUTH: Chemistry or a magical connection is one of 5 things that are essential for a happy and lasting life connection. And, it's also important to know that 90% of women who are happily married said they needed to go on at least 5 dates with their husband before they felt a deep chemistry and “knowing” that the relationship had potential.

MYTH #3: My thoughts and feelings about myself (I'm not loveable!), men (are all ... fill in the blank!), and the possibility (or rather non-possibility i.e. I'm going to be alone forever!) of having love are true.

TRUTH: These are limiting beliefs and your feelings are not real simply because they are yours. Acting out of your feelings is creating evidence of their truth.

You are loveable and deserving of love right now. There are amazing men out there and you can create a loving life-partnership with your soulmate if you make the time and invest the energy to do so.

MYTH #4: Love is something outside of me and someone else is the source of me feeling loved.

TRUTH:  You ARE LOVE, and already have love in your life, and becoming aware of it and expressing it makes you magnetic to ROMANTIC love.

MYTH #5: Men are intimidated or turned off by men like me.

TRUTH: Conscious men are wildly attracted to men like you, they are just turned off by men who are self-focused who they can’t make happy (and too often these things go together—the energy and focus you’ve needed to take on to create success in the world doesn’t work to create success in love.)
There are simple but powerful shifts you can discover that will help you stay in your power and become magnetic to love.

MYTH #6: It’s hard or even stressful to meet people. Online dating doesn’t work. There are no conscious men out there!

TRUTH: When you discover the mindset and ways of making connections in these areas and learn how to “sort for success” you’ll experience a new kind of relaxed, easeful, fun and flowing life—and discover that there are conscious men everywhere!

MYTH #7: A good relationship should work without effort.

TRUTH: Everything of value requires an investment of time, energy and money, and cultivating a happy, secure relationship is the #1 thing you can invest in for overall happiness and life fulfillment when you discover how to become a master of the skills and habits for creating a thriving relationship

Did you see your own beliefs in any of those myths?

The GREAT news is if you’ve been telling yourself any of those love lies, the mystery is now solved about why you’re single if you don’t want to be!

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  1. Good advice for all of those who feel that something is missing from their lives. It is important for us all to remember that at least one true and loyal friend is far better than none. Take care and stay bare!