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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Tattoos are always polarizing. But I’ve have seen that the subject has significantly escalated more on social media. For some men tattoos make them gorgeous, to others the ink is a distraction from what’s otherwise perfection.

So I ask you reader, do you prefer him with or without the tats? If you don’t like tattoos and discover a hot guy has them, would you turn him down? If you in fact, prefer inked dudes, do you avoid guys with no tattoos?


  1. I love men with or without tattoos. It all depends on if they have a stylish or tasteful tattoo and didn't decide to go overboard. I have tattoos myself, however I feel there should be some sort of self control when getting tatted up. I also think about employment and professionalism when it comes to tattoos as well.

  2. It definitely depends on the guy, and on the art. Matthew Rush ruined his beautiful chest with that huge ugly ink he got there. On the other hand, TaetheDoug is a living masterpiece.

    1. STILL LOVE Matthew

      TaetheDoug is hot :)

      Thanks for visiting my spot, been a while since I saw you in these parts



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