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Monday, November 16, 2015


I am in a new relationship and he and I had sex for the first time the other day, having not had sex for four years (I don’t sleep around and it’s kind of a big thing for me). We did all the right things and made sure I was ready to be penetrated and it was wonderful. It wasn't too painful during and we did it again a few times that night. The morning after I encountered some bleeding. It’s not painful but I am now too worried to try again. Should I go to the doctor or wait for it to heal  before we have sex again?  

Have you ever had to deal with this? 

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?


  1. If the bleeding doesn't stop within two days, it is time to seek medical advice. Better safe than sorry! Good post, buddy!

  2. No anal sex for a couple of days and if not stopped go to the doctor and if it gets worse go to the doctor. And next time take it a little slower, with a 4 year break one round of anal intercourse would be a good start.

  3. My first time I cry and pre-cum I try sit on his dick it was painful we did it side way and he came in my ads I joy it

  4. Hmmmm!! Dats hurtful, but I think he should take a break for couple of days, just saying .

  5. Most recently allowed a young man to penetrate me and it was NOT good . Once I delivered a message to him that WE were THROUGH because of the disrespect for myself and for his health ( WELL ) This was his reply to me telling him I had bled for four days "That is not my concern." He will soon leave the country , as for the heart MUST say I am destroyed by this ( Song by Al Green sum's up how I am feeling ) How do you mend a broken heart ) ./` ? Really loved YES loved this man ~ he was wrong with me and I stood up to him and ended this interaction for both our good. I am . Angry , confused and F**Ked ! NOT worth the pain ) bareback & dry ( WTF ... Feel stupid to have allowed this to happen . Very memorable ( bad memory )