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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Do you think there may be something biological different about gay that are monogamous, in open relationships and gay men that are just promiscuous? 

This is not about demonizing gay men that fall in either category, nor is this post meant to turn into a flame war.

Do you think it is possible that our brains are hard-wired differently? Is it a part of our personalities which have genetic components?

What do you think?


  1. probably there's a part of genetic component, but I think men are much more polygamous than women!

  2. When I first began to live my sexuality I was very promiscuous and sort sex everywhere and anywhere. After entering into a relationship, where we agreed that it would be an "open" relationship, I changed and only had sex outside the relationship at the gay saunas and then very rarely. I think the relationship changed me completely.

    1. it was the opposite for me, I didn't have sex until my relationship was over

  3. I believe it's how you were raised. You also learn from observing things that surround you. If you're world is constantly changing you will later be prone to changing things yourself. There are also people with certain personalities that have a tendency to try something new, for example people who always eat different meals as opposed to the ones who have their menu, or people who always stay up to date with gadgets, fashion trends, etc. Those are the type of people who are unable to maintain a stable relationship because it quickly becomes stale for them. Like I said, personality is not the only reason for promiscuous behavior. If empathy is not something that you've adopted in childhood you'll have no problem messing around with peoples feelings. Unfortunately, people don't ever change and once they're set on that course there's no coming back. This is valid for both men and women.

    1. you are right about that, I often wonder how I became a man that gave consideration for another's feeling



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