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Thursday, July 24, 2014


As committed cake-a-holics, we need little encouragement to sing the praises of home baking brand, Betty Crocker. However, were any extra reason needed, then it’s the fact that this most traditional of companies has been quite vocal in its support of gay marriage.
Now owned by General Mills, the company last year provided cakes to same-sex couples that married in Minnesota after the state legalized gay marriage.

It provided further cakes to couples marrying in Minneapolis last month during the city’s Pride celebrations. Minneapolis also happens to be home to General Mills’ headquarters.

And as for cake, keen bakers out there might want to check out the new ‘Rainbow Desserts’ section of the Betty Crocker website – which includes recipes for such delights as Rainbow Layer Cake [above], mini-Rainbow Whoopie Pies [right] and Jumbo Rainbow Cupcakes!

At the same time as it unveiled its new rainbow selection of desserts, Betty Crocker announced that it was teaming up with New America – a non-profit public policy institute – to redefine modern homemaking with a national survey about the evolution of society.
It’s an extension of the company's year-old ‘Families Project’, highlighting the diversity of families that exist today – including same-sex families.

A promotional YouTube clip highlights facts such as, ‘Less than half of all households in the US include a husband and wife’, and ‘The number of same-sex couples living together has increased by 80% since 2000.’

Accompanying the campaign are videos of different families, including the one below of the Rozen family – consisting of female partners Jennifer and Stephanie, and 13-year-old son, Gabe.
And the response? ‘Naysayers are always there, but generally the response has been really positive, says Perteet Spencer, marketing manager for Betty Crocker. ‘Betty has always been a pioneer and guide for homemakers. As today's family continues to evolve, so does Betty.’

"Our purpose is to help make a home. Better understanding of those cultural dynamics will help us provide the best products and services to meet current and future needs of families everywhere."


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