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Monday, December 23, 2013


SEMMES, Ala. (WALA) - The Semmes Christmas parade was all over social media Saturday.

It wasn't the Santa float that had people talking.   One dance act left some parade goers, and even the dancers themselves in shock.

The young men call themselves the "Prancing Elites." Their star is rising as female impersonation dancers.  They've performed in Mobile and several other cities.

Group Captain Kentrell Collins said he had every reason to believe the routine would be welcomed at the Semmes Christmas parade. After all, they were invited.

"I said we're all over 21 and we're guys. She was so excited. She was like I didn't know they had any groups like that in Mobile," Collins said.

However, Instead of applause or cheers group members said they heard lots of  jeers.

"Some of them were saying stuff like Oh my God, what's that?" dancer Adrian Clemons said.

"I would rather you pull us to the side and say, hey that's probably not a good idea for you guy to march. Okay we can accept that," dancer Jerel Maddox said.

Claudia Davis was at the parade with her daughter.  

"I was outraged and appalled. I never expect anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade," Davis said.

Like many others in the crowd Davis felt the dance group was inappropriate.

"If they were gonna put this kind of activity in the parade, they should have notified the people of Semmes so that we had a choice whether we wanted out children to attend and see something like that," Davis said.

"We do want to apologize if we offended anybody who did not know who we were before today, but still at the end of the day, we only just came to dance and we did get invited," Colllins said.

Collins said their passion for dancing hasn't diminished.

The Prancing Elites are already booked in Mobile for News Years Eve and Mardi Gras.

The Friends of Semmes organized this years parade and according to Ms. Davis the city council plans to take charge of the event next year. 


  1. A lot of hullabaloo over nothing imo. I watched the clip and they didn't do anything risque or overtly sexual (that I saw in the clip). They "pranced" and danced. Kudos to these talented guys and JEERS to the close-minded bigots.

    1. one day ppl won't easily show their hatred, one day

  2. hilarious - and it's time for these guys to move on to friendlier pastures.

    1. yep and I think this is the start of that process

  3. In these times why are people still acting surprised by what they see! Unless you live on a private island & cut off from the world people need to accept everyone had the right celebrate spread cheer in a parade. Why the lady in the video thinks should have been notified before the parade about the dancing group is beyond me! If you are so offended stay your azzes home with your kids. performance arts is performance arts. I don't care if a dress is worn or a tutu it's all entertainment.

  4. HA HA HA DWL LMFAO BOARL.. you go boys do your thing ..bring some excitement to an otherwise dead and boring parade. Guess they'll be talking about this parade for years ...DWL.. and it made you guys popular so thank the bitches for hating DWL



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