I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've met many gay men over and I’ve always admired the gay men that
lives the ‘you are only as young as you feel’
motto. I can appreciate a man that have a youthful outlook on life, but what happens when he is well past the
age of being a bona fide adult?
By society’s standards, he is an adult
because he works; owns a home and pay all of his bills independently. But
in his mind, he is STILL that
oblivious 18-24 year-old looking for the next good time. How does he find the balance between the “kid” and
the “adult” in him?
should he?


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