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Friday, July 28, 2017


It is born out of conflict; it is born by accepting the challenges of life, by getting defeated, by falling down and by rising again.

Is not queer community the foundation stone of all neurosis? Many of us have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with each other. Rare are people who are not wounded for life, and not able to find a way to heal and rise above circumstances. We imprison each other and in my continuing interaction with queer persons, I’m quite amazed at the high percentage of people who would love to see better relations within the queer community. We are filled with assortments of differing opinions and actions that more often than not, do not meet the criteria for that enforce love for each other. In a sense, it is a microcosm of what the world is like.

We have been conditioned that the community is not a great contribution to the world. On the surface, community is wonderful, with its get togethers, support for each other, and always growing together spiritually. But to overestimate that ‘reality’ is but to find nothing but confusing disappointment. A real authentic, loving community doesn’t try to keep control of each person’s life, and closing doors to those who choose to follow a different path. Rarely does a community engender personal growth over its personal prejudices like the religion we have inherited from our parents.  Everyone seems to hold fast to the idea that theirs is the best and only way to be.

It all starts in the beginning, and yet it’s always time to overcome flaws to a new beginning. Many of us rarely maintain the love that brought us together, even if it wasn’t just ‘biological’ with a little ‘angel dust’ thrown in. On one end, we get immeasurable love. On the other end, we inherit the difficulties of learning how to simply love each other.

It is sad to see our community sour as times go on because some key ingredients are missing and never were replaced. Each person needs to come from the highest consciousness and openness, yet realizing that our community is made up of our friends that become our ‘extended family’. Before us, is an energy of secrecy, hatred and lack of knowledge that has kept us where we are. It’s taken us this long to be what we are, and this is the time for a quantum leap in our evolution. It’s up to each one of us. No time has been better for a new community!

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