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Monday, April 17, 2017


I just turned 40 and I'm single, while most of my friends are married, engaged, or seriously dating someone. I'm confident, happy, and have a great social life, but I'm starting to worry that there's no anyone out there for me. How do I continue to date in hopes of finding a serious relationship without seeming desperate?

Have you ever been in this situation? 

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?

1 comment:

  1. Being single has its advantages and disadvantages and as such would encourage you to enjoy being single. One advantage is the fact that you are free to fuck with whom you please with no strings attached. While many may see thus as ' Whoreism' I see it as living a drama free life of having a partner who may very be a whore as compared to you who is living committed to you. Trust me, I have been enjoy being single. Have your visitors and kick them out when the run is done. Until you think you are ready to settle down. Ask your friends of the many dramatic scenes they have with each other.



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