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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Everyone loves a love story, but few people like to talk about the moment Cupid took his arrow back.
Much is written and romanticized about falling in love. People talk about that moment they were stuck by a thunder bolt or hit by Cupid’s arrow: the day their life changed forever.

It’s rare to hear about the flipside: The emotional sucker punch when Cupid rudely pulls that arrow back out.

The pantheon of pop is built upon heartbreak songs, but those are usually from the viewpoint of the person who’s been dumped. What about that moment when you realize you don’t love that someone anymore?

In a world that says love is all that matters, falling out of love can feel like failure.

The reason we may not recall those moments of falling out of love is because it can take some time before we act upon them.
Maybe we at first deny it, or we think it’s a blip and things will go back to the way they were?

Or we’re just cowardly and can’t bring ourselves to act. Perhaps there will be wider ramifications for families, children, others, etc.
Falling out of love can be messy and painful. It can prompt guilt and shame. In a world that says love is all that matters, falling out of love can feel like failure. Perhaps it’s not surprising we don’t talk about it so much.

But it happens everyday. And prolonging the split only draws out the process.

If you know you’ve fallen out of love with someone, and that you don’t have a future together, isn’t it better to act sooner rather than later?

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